Allow Me To Introduce Myself

My name is Jocelyn S. Mackie and I am a self-employed web copywriter and SEO content creator. I started this work in 2013 after being laid off from my final job in the legal industry.

Having earned my law degree and worked  every position possible in a law office, I decided to try out my well-developed research and writing skills in the quickly developing and exciting field of web marketing. Since that time, I drafted landing page content, product descriptions, blog articles, press releases, and other web site filler for a variety of commercial enterprises including marketing, manufacturing, medical office management, and education.  I maintain a specialty helping law firms better relate to their potential clients by providing content and blog articles that relate to their concerns without insulting their web-savvy outlook.

If I was not busy enough, I maintain my blog Meander No More  that addresses several items of more personal and non-commercial interest. It will feature history, observations, media insights, and an area I call the human side of sports. Basically, it presents whatever is on my mind at the time and will contain updates on completed projects.

I am available as an independent contractor for short and long-term projects. Contact me for more information.

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